SWL Call Signs

In most European and Asian countries of the world, the Amateur Radio licensing body will issue SWL Call signs for SWL Listeners. However, in North America, parts of South America, Australia, and several other countries, the Amateur Radio licensing Body has no interest in issuing SWL call signs. In order to uniquely identify yourself, you will require a unique call sign.
If you live in a part of the world that the Amateur Radio licensing body does not issue call signs for SWL's, we here at SWARL can issue a unique call sign for you representing your country and SWL'ing interests, We maintain a database of all SWL call signs issued to ensure no duplication happens.
If you would like to receive your unique Call Sign, just drop an email to us and we will issue one to you. There is no cost for this service, The email address is Call.Signs@swarl.org Alternatively, you can fill in the application form online, right from this site. Check this form here.
Together with the call sign, you will receive the image of certificate which is suitable to printing out in a good quality. This certificate can be used for identification at such services as eQSL.cc and QRZ.ru