Why a Log book?

Once your station is set up and you have become familiar with operating it, you will want to start keeping track of your listening activities. This is referred to as logging your listening. This log can be as simple as a paper bound book or as elaborate as commercial computer logging software. As you already have access to a computer, I may suggest a computer logging software package. There are several available ranging from free on up. To what is available and can be downloaded from the internet, visit this site: http://www.ac6v.com/logging.htm You may also find some recommendations in our Reviews, in Software section.

In your logbook you may be able to keep track of who you have heard, their name, their location, etc. This information is all available via the Internet for most all Ham Radio Operators worldwide. You can do a search of the call sign at any one of the online callbooks such as Buckmasters or at ORZ.com . If you understand Russian, you can check QRZ.ru - sometimes you can find more operators there then in QRZ.com