QSL cards

Part of the fun of SWL'ing is collecting cards, called QSL cards, from amateurs that you've heard on the radio.

Another reason for collecting QSL cards is t o participate in many certificate programs available to SWL's. Whether its getting your DXCC  (DX Century Club) for getting cards confirming listening to 100 or more DX countries, hearing all states in the USA, all provinces in Canada, or many other awards available you'll need the cards to support your claim for the award. The SWARL Group sponsors several awards for listening achievements. This will be discussed further special section on this site.

If you plan to QSL your listening activities then you will need a personal OSL card. You can design your own and have a local printer produce them for you or you can order cards from one of many services you can find advertised in QST, Radio Amateurs of Canada, CQ and other magazines.

Give some thought to the content of the card and the quantity you will be ordering. Usually larger quantities are much less expensive on a per card basis.

A recent phenomenon in the QSL scene is the ability to QSL via the Internet. To do this you need to go to http://www.eqsl.cc/qslcard/Index.cfm and register for this free service. With your Internet browser you will be able to design your own QSL card, send cards to station you have monitored and receive cards from them. The service also provides features for organizing cards received and creating summaries of them. eQSls.cc are acceptable for all awards offered by SWARL.