Short Wave Amateur Radio Listening

Devoted to Short Wave Listeners primarily interested in monitoring the Ham Bands and participating as SWL's in the various Han Radio Contests This group is open to all SWL's and Hams alike.

SWARL runs a group at Yahoogroups for  the exchange and communication of  information regarding our hobby. This is our  forum for exchange of ideas, notifications of  exotic stations, QSL information, contests  and special operating achievement awards.  We welcome you to join our group by  clicking on the link below.

Click to join SWARL

Click to join SWARL

Here is your invtation to a friendly high-tech hobby that's got something for everyone. You can become a SWL (Short Wave Listener) no matter what age, gender, physical ability. People from all walks of life become SWL's.

The area of SWL'ing, this group is primarily interested in, is Amateur Radio Monitoring, Thus the abbreviation SWARL. You never know who you are going to run into listening to Ham Radio.